Lunar by Frequency H2O - Activated Spring Water

Tuned at 210.42Hz, the Frequency of the Synodic Moon.

Harmonize with Lunar Rhythms:

  • Enhanced Hydration: Tuned molecular structure for optimal absorption.
  • Emotional Balance: Infused with 210.42Hz, the Synodic Moon Frequency, for tranquility.
  • Calm Focus: Promotes mental clarity and calmness.
  • Natural Alignment: Synchronize with the moon's cycles for harmonious living.
  • Revitalizing Energy: Rejuvenates mind and body.

Winner of the GOLD award at the international Berkeley Springs water competition, Luna by Frequency H2O is a testament to purity and vitality.

Harmonize Your Spirit with Luna by Frequency H2O. TUNED FOR LIFE

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