LOVE (528Hz)

Officially the finest water in the world as voted by the most prestigious Berkeley Springs International water competition.

So pure is Frequency H2O source it requires no micro purification the benefit of such is the abundance of minerals and electrolytes which create a remarkable natural alkalinity of 8.25pH.

This very precious water is then put through a two-stage kinetic energy process and infused with 528Hz the Solfeggio frequency of love. Representing the activation of heart chakra, repair of DNA and the vibration of LOVE.

This trade secret process enlivens the individual molecules producing a remarkable softness and feeling of hydration that is distinct from all other waters.

Now officially the best tasting water in the world. It is our belief we have created the world’s first bottle of LOVE and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe.

The ultimate in hydration - 12 x 1,000ml bottles of the finest water on earth, naturally alkaline, kinetically energised and tuned with the Frequency of LOVE.

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