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What makes the best tasting water in the world? Love, moon and rainbows apparently. 

Australian bottled water company, Frequency H2o, went up against hundreds of world famous bottled water brands this week....Continue Reading

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Infused with frequencies of love, the moon or rainbow, Sturt Hinton’s bottled water sounds more like a magic potion than a source of hydration.

Mr Hinton prefers to describe his Townsville-made drink, Frequency H2O, in marketing....Continue Reading

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Five years ago, Sturt Hinton was selling real estate in Melbourne, but it wasn’t a fulfilling career.

“I was unhappy about the direction of my life,” he says. “The path I was...Continue Reading

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Offering a choice of three “vibes” – Love, Lunar and Rainbow – Frequency H20 is not your average bottled water. 

Inspired by his passion for science, art and spring water, Frequency CEO Sturt Hinton sources the water from a protected aquifer......Continue Reading

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IF YOU like your water “infused with sound and light” and treated with “vibrational electromagnetic frequency therapy”, you’re in luck.

Because Australian spring water company Frequency H20 sells just that.

The company, which was founded by former Queenslander Sturt Hinton in 2015, sells bottles of “love, lunar and rainbow frequency infused water” through more than 500 stores.....Continue Reading


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