RAINBOW 24 x 600ml

RAINBOW (430-770THz)

Our Rainbow water is infused with spectrum of light between 430-770THz the frequency of a Rainbow as well as 7 charkra tones ranging between 200 and 900Hz. Rainbow is the ultimate frequency water.

After sourcing this incredibly precious water from two protected aquifers in remote North Queensland to obtain the finest mineral water on earth, it is put through a three-stage kinetic and electro-magnetic process and infused with seven Chakra frequencies and the visible spectrum between 430-770THz the frequency of a RAINBOW.

This trade secret process enlivens the individual molecules, producing a remarkable, soft and ultra-hydrating taste feel and effect. With a natural mineral content of 350 parts per million and offering striking clarity. We believe we have created the world’s first bottle of RAINBOW and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe.

Rainbow is a mineral water with the following typical analysis. 
Bicarbonate 157
Calcium 44
Magnesium 27
Sodium 28
Chloride 42
Silica 21

$44.40 for 24 x 600ml bottles. $10 flat shipping fee is payable for all orders. Bulk discounts are applied to the entire shopping cart. 

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