Limited Edition Variety Pack

Sample All Frequency H2O products in 1 pack!

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2 x 600ml + 2 x 1 liter
528Hz - Solfeggio Frequency of Love.
Represents the activation of heart charkra repair of DNA and the vibration of love.

2 x 600ml + 2 x 1 liter 
210.42Hz - Synodic Moon Frequency
Represents a balancing sensual and empowering energy.

2 x 600ml + 2 x 1 liter 
430-770THz - Frequency of Rainbow
Our Rainbow water is infused with spectrum of light between 430-770THz the frequency of a Rainbow as well as 7 charkra tones ranging between 200 and 900Hz. Rainbow is the ultimate frequency water.

These trade secret process' enliven the individual molecules, producing a remarkable, soft and ultra-hydrating taste feel and effect.

As a result we believe we have created the world first bottles of LOVE, MOON and RAINBOW water and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe.

$35 for 6 x 600ml bottles and 6 x 1Litre bottles . 

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