LOVE LUNAR & RAINBOW Mix Pack 21 x 600ml

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The best tasting water in the world and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe. LOVE, LUNAR and RAINBOW frequency infused H2O in one beautiful pack.

Alive with the pulsations of the universe Frequency H2O is so pure it requires no micro purification, the benefit being the abundance of minerals and electrolytes naturally found creating a remarkable alkalinity of 8.25pH.

The finest water in the world is then put through a two-stage kinetic and electromagnetic energy process and infused with

528Hz the Solfeggio frequency of love. Representing the activation of heart chakra, repair of DNA and the vibration of LOVE.

210.42Hz the Synodic Moon frequency. Representing a balancing, sensual and empowering energy.

The healing colors of the light spectrum between 430 and 770 THz the frequency of a RAINBOW and the balancing chakra tones 200 to 900Hz.

This trade secret process enlivens the individual molecules producing a remarkable softness and feeling of hydration that is distinct from all other waters.

It is our belief we have created the world’s first Love, Lunar and Rainbow waters and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe. 


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